Finding the Motivation to Keep Exercising and Remain Fit


Finding the Motivation to Keep Exercising and Remain Fit

Regular exercise is essential for both a healthy mind and body and to make exercise a life habit you may need to push yourself initially. Many people do not make exercise a daily or weekly habit and quickly lose motivation and give up on their exercise program because they find it boring and repetitive. Reports suggest that half those that eagerly begin a fitness program quit exercising within 8 weeks. For this reason here are some tips to help you stay motivated and make exercise fun.

1. Choose an exercise you enjoy – If you really dislike a type of exercise and find it no fun then it goes without saying that you are more likely not to continue or only exercise occasionally. However exercise comes in a number of varieties and you don’t need to run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike to get fit you just need to be more active and to remain motivated the exercise you choose should be something you enjoy. For some people swimming or racquetball may be more enjoyable than weightlifting, for other brisk walking is enjoyable and for others the Latin inspired dance workout called Zumba has put the fun back into exercising and is also a great way to meet new people in a party packed atmosphere.

2. Spice it Up – Although some people like routine others find doing the same exercise over and over again week in and week out boring and need variety to remain interested and motivated in exercise. So mix things up and change your routine from time to time whether ever time you train, from week to week or every few months. For example, instead of swimming go running for cardio fitness or instead of using machine weights use free weights for strength training.

3. Exercise with a friend – While some people enjoy time alone to exercise others enjoy exercise more when they have some company. Make exercise a social occasion and have a keep fit buddy to train with and you will find they other additional support, motivation and companionship along the way and it will also be a great way to catch up on the latest gossip.

4. Reward yourself – A reward when a set goal is reached will help keep you motivated so after you achieve a goal such as attending the gym 3 times a week for a month, lose a desired amount of weight,Personal-training-blog increase your strength and the amount you can lift or the distance you can run then reward yourself fro reaching a set goal. This reward could be a meal at a restaurant, weekend away, new item of clothing or a soothing massage but make sure the reward is appropriate and healthy since rewarding yourself with a week’s worth of junk food will probably be counterintuitive to your fitness goal and only set you back and undo your achievement.

Finally some reasons to get you exercising and to keep fit which will also keep you motivated long term include:

Exercise improves overall energy levels, results in improved sleep, strengthens the immune system, decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, decreases symptoms of PMS and finally for anyone with depression, anxiety or just feeling stressed from general day to day living the psychological benefits from an exercise program is one of the best ways to lift a depressed mood and reduce stress and anxiety symptoms.